With a love of beautiful aesthetics and style, I endeavour to embody these qualities in what I create, be it an artwork,  styled garment, image or environment. I draw upon an intuitive and conceptual approach to compose elements such as texture, colour and form to produce creative works that exhibit individuality, integrity and attention to detail.

Recycling is an ongoing commitment and outlook in my life.  I am passionate about reclaiming and reusing items and as a result have developed and embraced skills that have enabled me to successfully give often discarded objects new life and purpose. Being green does not have to mean relinquishing style but can in fact mean you have the ability to transform your wardrobe, home and lifestyle into something that is  highly stylish, original and unique.  

With a career that has embraced fashion, music promotion, interiors, art practice/adminstration/eduction and intuitive readings, it is my desire to create opportunities that will allow me to enhance and enrich culture with my unique skills and knowledge.  I aspire to work and collaborate with like-minded people that share a passion to contribute to the word both creatively and personally.


To be able to enhance the experience of beauty, joy and aesthetics within everyday life in what we wear, how we live and express ourselves.

Interview with Inner West Mums