I consider myself somewhat an aesthetician, always striving for a sense of visual beauty and balance. With an astrology chart largely influenced by Venus, the planet associated with beauty, the arts and a sense of the aesthetic, it is no surprise that I have an overwhelming desire to aspire to create things that are beautiful and appeal to our senses. I love composing elements which include colour, texture, form, placement. Often when I move house the first thing I do is create scenes even as the furniture is still being moved in around me! It just makes me feel better and happier if there is some visual interest and beauty to settle on.

Styling for me is about creating something of beauty and interest. I want it to have the ability to capture someone and have them say “hey isn’t that gorgeous”. When I myself view things that have been styled well it makes me want to dress in those clothes, live that lifestyle, incorporate those colours. It is about enthusing people and exciting them with possibilities.

People often have items that would look great styled but are just at a bit of a loss on how to piece them altogether. It is also about paring and being selective so things don’t cancel each other out or clash in a jolting manner.

I enjoy and appreciate a lot of different looks and styles, but tend to veer more towards a slightly more minimalist approach. I like the balance of beautiful key pieces in amongst space. My true love with interiors is in mid century design, especially the 60s. It is a design period that I think encapsulates truly great design, aesthetics and innovation.

Whatever way we choose to style our clothing and interiors it should be done with integrity and flair. We should be true to our own individual style but not a slave to it. We should leave room for experimentation, play, possibilities and pushing past our limitations.