I like to feel that the items that I buy and collect are a unique reflection of the things that excite and inspire me. One of the things that I so love about op shopping is that it encourages me to be brave. I buy things, wear things, envisage things that wouldn’t ordinarily happen in normal retail stores. Op shops have such an eclectic mix of items for sale which creates so many fabulous opportunities to put together very interesting combinations. What results is a very personal and individual style.  It is so satisfying to be able to construct a wardrobe of clothing of such quality and interest for a small fraction of retail prices (see my images below to view just a few of my finds).  Most of us get a thrill out of a bargain.  However, it is not only this factor that is a winner for me but that I am also doing something to assist the environment by reducing landfill through recycling.  

Op shopping has gone through a major transformation over the past 20 years. What was once often little neighbourhood shops run by local charities and suburban churches, has become a thriving business with huge superstores like Salvos and Vinnies evolving.  With the introduction of the internet and sites such as eBay, it does sometimes get a little more challenging to seek out great quality incredible finds and bargains found in the past but each time I may get a little despondent about this, some amazing find restores my faith in the treasures that can still be found.  Over the years I have truly surprised people with the rather incredible things I have bought and collected through op shopping.  I do believe there is a bit of an art to doing it well, but think everyone has the potential to become successful at it, especially with a few strategies that can be easily learnt.  In a world that has gone crazy with fast fashion, we can as individuals still make a difference by embracing a recycling and repurposing culture that  is planet friendly and also provides great benefits for us as individuals and our society.