Making has always been in my blood from a very early age. My mother was gifted when it came to such things as sewing, knitting and embroidery,  so as result she was always making her family clothes as well as items for our home.   As children we were taught to appreciate handmade items, always making our own greeting cards and christmas decorations, a tradition I have upheld my whole life and passed on to my own children.  This appreciation has been at the heart of nearly everything I make. It’s so gratifying to give someone a gift made with your own hands, especially when that person feels that they have been worthy of that time and effort. In terms of my creativity I sit somewhere between art and making, with crossovers permeating each. The difference for me is that my fine art practice is more rooted in a conceptual framework and uses materials in a non-functional manner, as opposed to when I am making where I am generally producing functional items that are for a specific purpose such as unique homewares, accessories and giftware. The majority of these items are created with recycled materials, repurposed and redefined. I find inspiration for making from so many sources and if I am not busy making something then I will be obsessed with visions of things I intend to make.